Line Lights

Line Lights, as opposed to linear array bar lights, employ a secondary lens to focus the light into a narrow beam, typically for short to intermediate working distances, and are mostly used in conjunction with line scan cameras. Line lights are typically mounted in a medium to high angle bright field orientation, but may also be mounted in medium angle dark field. As with any line scan application involving moving surfaces, the lights must have sufficient intensity to freeze motion.

Model Number: Wavelength(s): Intensity: Additional Information/options:
LL232 455nm 660nm 730nm 850nm 940nm White 189,000 lux High performance expandable line light
LL230 455nm 530nm 625nm White 2,100,000 lux Ultra high power line light, expandable
LL167 White 472,000 lux High intensity line light, expandable
LL137 455nm 530nm 625nm 850nm RGB White 280,000 lux High power line light, expandable
LL158 470nm 530nm 625nm White 53,000 lux Oblique line light, expandable