Fujinon 1.1″ CF-ZA-1S Series

Fujinon CF-ZA-1S series supports large high-resolution sensor of 1.1″ type with 2.5µm pixel pitch (equivalent to 23 mega-pixel). The relative illumination reaches up to above 90%*, and a clear image can be obtained from the image center to the peripheral area.

* When the F4 F-Stop is used more frequently by users.

Model Number: Image Format: Focal Length: Iris Range: Iris Operation: Recommended Resolution:
CF8ZA-1S 1.1” 8mm F1.8-F16 Manual 12-23MP
CF12ZA-1S 1.1” 12mm F1.8-F16 Manual 12-23MP
CF16ZA-1S 1.1” – 1/1.2″ 16mm F1.8-F16 Manual 12-23MP
CF25ZA-1S 1.1” – 1/1.2″ 25mm F1.8-F16 Manual 12-23MP
CF35ZA-1S 1.1” – 1/1.2″ 35mm F1.8-F16 Manual 12-23MP
CF50ZA-1S 1.1” – 1/1.2″ 50mm F2.4-F16 Manual 12-23MP