March, 2016

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Time Of Flight Camera

Basler’s Time-of-Flight Camera

Basler’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera provides you with a 2D and a 3D image in one shot. The Basler ToF Camera offers an attractive solution for a wide variety of applications including logistics, factory automation, and biometrics.

How Does a ToF Camera Work?
The measurement principle is based on the time the light needs to travel from the light source to the object and back to the camera; the further the distance, the longer the time taken. Both light source and image acquisition are synchronized in such a way that the distances can be extracted and calculated from the image data.

The Basler ToF Camera Highlights at a glance:

  • Resolution: 640 px x 480 px (NIR)
  • Frame Rate: 15 fps
  • Working Range: 0.5 m to 5 m
  • Accuracy: +/- 1cm (Scene dependent)
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision and GenICam compliant
  • Lens: 57°h x 43°v
  • Software: Windows and Linux compatible
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Total system cost reduction
  • 3D modeling possible
  • NIR LED’s used
  • Optimized for indoor applications

Basler Time of Flight Camera Datasheet

Motion Analysis CV-A55IRE-M

The CV-A55IR-M is a versatile interlaced camera with a compact footprint of 44 x 58 mm (width x length) and a height of 35 mm. The camera uses the ICX428ALL 1/2″ sensor from Sony to achieve a high signal-to-noise ratio and excellent near-IR response. Several trigger modes including edge pre-select, pulse width control, and frame delay are selectable. Control of all camera features and functions is performed via a combination of internal and rear panel switches. The camera is suitable for a wide range of automated imaging applications that can utilize the EIA video standard.
***Note: This custom camera for Motion Analysis Inc. is the perfect functional replacement for the TM-200, CV-M50, TM-7 Series, and CV-A50/CV-A50IR cameras from PULNiX and JAI.***

Model Resolution Sensor Size FPS Interface Cell Size Sensor
CV-A55IRE-M 768 x 494 1/2” 30 Analog 8.4 x 9.8 µm ICX428ALL

HF-XA-5M Series

The FUJINON HF-XA series are high-performance fixed focal length lenses supporting the 2/3” – 1/1.2″, 5-megapixel sensor format. The new lenses maintain their sharpness even when wide open under low light conditions and varying target distances. When used under diverse shooting conditions, the lenses maintain edge-to-edge sharpness from the image center to all corners for higher image recognition accuracy. The new series measures in at φ29.5mm, thereby catering to the development of compact Machine Vision systems.

Model Number: Image Format: Focal Length: Iris Range: Iris Operation: Recommended Resolution:
HF6XA-5M 2/3” 6mm F1.9-F16 Manual 5MP
HF8XA-5M 2/3” 8mm F1.6-F16 Manual 5MP
HF12XA-5M 2/3″ – 1/1.2″ 12mm F1.6-F16 Manual 5MP
HF16XA-5M 2/3″ – 1/1.2″ 16mm F1.6-F16 Manual 5MP
HF25XA-5M 2/3″ – 1/1.2″ 25mm F1.6-F16 Manual 5MP
HF35XA-5M 2/3″ – 1/1.2″ 35mm F1.9-F16 Manual 5MP
HF50XA-5M 2/3″ – 1.1″ 50mm F2.4-F16 Manual 5MP