Neutral Density, Polarizing, and IR Block

Our filters are designed to work with a wide variety of lighting: monochromatic or white LED, fiber optic, structured diode-generated patterns and other lighting commonly used in machine vision applications. We stock a broad range of filter options designed to quickly and securely mount to the smaller diameter lenses used by CCD and CMOS cameras.

PR032 Rotating Linear Polarizer with locking screw – reduces glare in the visible spectrum;
PC052 Circular Polarizer – reduces glare; for autofocus or autoiris lenses; for visible spectrum applications
PI035 IR Linear Polarizer – reduces only infrared glare
Neutral Density Filters
ND030 Optical Density = 0.3 (T = 50%) – reduces light intensity
ND060 OD = 0.6 (T = 25%) – reduces light intensity
ND090 OD = 0.9 (T = 12.5%) – reduces light intensity
ND120 OD = 1.2 (T = 6.3%) – for viewing into lamps
NI030 Optical Density = 0.3 (50%) – reduces light intensity
NI060 OD = 0.6 (25%) – reduces light intensity
NI090 OD = 0.9 (12.5%) – reduces light intensity
NI120 OD = 1.2 (6.3%) – for viewing into lamps, furnaces, welding processes, etc
IR Block – Visible Pass
BP550 NIR-UV Block/Visible Pass – 400-700nm … all color applications where filtering is not provided with the camera’s sensor
SP645 Mid-Red/NIR Dichrioc Block – best IR/mid-red block
SP675 Deep Red/NIR Dichrioc Block – best IR/deep red block
SP700 Hot Mirror/NIR Dichroic Block – standard IR block, for use with monochrome cameras
SP705 Deep Red/NIR Block – Alternate Recommendation: SP700 or SP730
SP730 Hot Mirror/NIR Colorless Block – standard IR blocking, for use with color cameras
SP785 IR Dichroic Block (modified)