UV & IR Pass Filters

MidOpt’s machine vision filters increase the contrast of the subject under inspection, improving the ability of the system to distinguish desired characteristics. Increased contrast allows for increased accuracy and speed. Because lighting will change over time and ambient light is everywhere, our filters create the contrast you need and continue to work to control your lighting in the long run.

UV Bandpass
BP250 Broadband UV Bandpass – deep broadband UV imaging
BP324 UV ‘A+B’ Bandpass – mid- to near-UV imaging
BP365 Blacklite/UV ‘A’ Bandpass – UV imaging/UV lighting dichroic filter… NEW – NOW PASSES 395nm
Infrared Narrow Bandpass
BN740 Narrow IR Bandpass 720-770nm
BN785 Narrow IR Bandpass 760-805nm
BN850 Narrow IR Bandpass 825-870nm
Infrared Pass – Visibile Block
LP695 IR Longpass – IR LED’s @ 720nm
LP715 IR Longpass – Alternate recommendation: BP880
LP780 IR Longpass – IR diode lasers @ 810nm
LP830 IR Longpass – general IR +880nm IR LEDs
LP850 IR Longpass – Alternate Recommendation: LP830
LP920 IR Dichroic Longpass – IR LEDs @ 940nm
LP1000 IR Longpass – IR Vidicon/InGaAs cameras
BP695 IR Bandpass – NIR fluorescence
BP735 IR Bandpass – IR LEDs @ 735nm
BP800 IR Bandpass – best choice if thin filter needed over sensor
BP850 IR Bandpass – high-power IR LEDs @ 850nm
BP880 IR Bandpass – IR LEDs @ 880nm
Dual Bandpass
DB850 Dual Bandpass VIS+850 IR – visible 385-650nm +IR 820-880nm
DB940 Dual Bandpass VIS+940 IR- visible 385-650 + 910-970nm