Color Pass Filters

Part Number: Color Bandpass
BP465 Deep Blue Bandpass – Recommended replacement: BP470
BP470 Blue Bandpass – blue LEDs/UV fluorescence
BP500 Green-Blue Bandpass – Recommended replacements: BP525 or SP585
BP505 Cyan Bandpass – for 505nm LED lighting
BP525 Light Green Bandpass – green LEDs/fluorescence
BP530 Green Bandpass – Recommended replacement: BP525
BP535 Green Dichroic Bandpass – Recommended: BP525
BP590 Orange Bandpass – amber/orange LEDs/UV fluorescence
BP635 Light Red Bandpass – high-power red LEDs
BP660 Dark Red Bandpass – darker red LEDs and structured laser diodes
Part Number: Narrow Color Bandpass
BN470 Narrow Blue Bandpass/UV block 450-495nm
BN532 Narrow Green Bandpass 515-560nm
BN595 Narrow Orange Bandpass 570-615nm
BN630 Narrow Light RedBandpass/UV block 610-650nm
BN660 Narrow Dark Red Bandpass/UV block 64
Part Number: Longpass Color
LP470 Light Yellow Longpass – Recommended Replacement: BP505
LP500 Yellow Longpass – blocks most blue and UV wavelengths
LP515 Yellow-Orange Longpass – blocks all blue and UV
LP530 Orange Longpass
LP550 Orange Longpass
LP580 Red-Orange Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP590 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP610 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP630 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
LP645 Dark Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
Part Number: Shortpass/Notch Color
LP645 Dark Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
SP510 Blue Dichroic Shortpass – for sorting gold from silver or plated metal parts
SP570 Blue-Green Dichroic Shortpass – blocks orange to NIR
SP585 Cyan Dichroic Shortpass – blocks red and very near IR
SP625 Blue-Orange Dichroic Shortpass – blocks deep red/NIR
NF550 Magenta Dichroic Shortpass – blocks green while passing blue and red wavelengths
Part Number: White Light Balancing
LA080 Minus Blue – [NR]
LA120 Minus Blue + – removes blue cast from white LED and metal halide lighting
LB080 Minus Red – removes yellow cast from halogen lighting
LB120 Minus Red + – [NR]
FL550 Minus Green – removes green cast from fluourescent