April, 2014

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JAI CoaXpress Cameras

The SP-5000 is a high performance industrial video camera able to capture up to 250 full resolution frames per second using a 4-channel CoaXPress digital interface. Other interface options will include 2-channel CoaXPress (209 fps), Mini Camera Link (134 fps), USB3 Vision (72 fps), and 2-channel GigE Vision (44 fps).

Model Resolution Sensor Size FPS/Scan Rate Interface Cell Size Sensor
SP-5000M-CXP2 2560 x 2048 1″ 209 CoaXPress 5.0 x 5.0µm Lince 5M250
SP-5000C-CXP2 2560 x 2048 1″ 209 CoaXPress 5.0 x 5.0µm Lince 5M250

JAI Color Legacy Line Scan

JAI combines its advanced prism technology with multiple CCD or CMOS linear sensors to deliver high performance color line scan solutions for high-speed web/continuous applications such as print verification, tile inspection, food/fruit sorting, and more.

The prism-based design features multiple image sensors precisely-aligned to a common optical path providing solutions that are easier to set up, with higher color precision and less degradation over time than tri-linear or quad-linear color cameras. The common optical path eliminates parallax issues and complex alignment procedures associated with off-angle viewing or inspection of cylindrical or wavy objects.

Model Resolution Sensor Size FPS/Scan Rate Interface Cell Size Sensor
CV-L107CL 3CCD x 2048 28.7mm 19048 Camera Link 14.0 x 14.0 µm N/A
CV-L108CL 3CCD x 512 7.168mm 70922 Camera Link 14.0 x 14.0 µm N/A
LQ-050CL 4CCD x 512 7.168mm 70922 Camera Link 14.0 x 14.0 µm N/A
LQ-200CL 4CCD x 28.67mm 19048 Camera Link 14.0 x 14.0 µm N/A
LT-200CL 3CMOS x 2048 28.67mm 30383 Camera Link 14.0 x 14.0 µm N/A
LT-400CL 3CMOS x 4096 28.67mm 16180 Camera Link 7.0 x 7.0 µm N/A

Neutral Density, Polarizing, and IR Block

Our filters are designed to work with a wide variety of lighting: monochromatic or white LED, fiber optic, structured diode-generated patterns and other lighting commonly used in machine vision applications. We stock a broad range of filter options designed to quickly and securely mount to the smaller diameter lenses used by CCD and CMOS cameras.

PR032 Rotating Linear Polarizer with locking screw – reduces glare in the visible spectrum;
PC052 Circular Polarizer – reduces glare; for autofocus or autoiris lenses; for visible spectrum applications
PI035 IR Linear Polarizer – reduces only infrared glare
Neutral Density Filters
ND030 Optical Density = 0.3 (T = 50%) – reduces light intensity
ND060 OD = 0.6 (T = 25%) – reduces light intensity
ND090 OD = 0.9 (T = 12.5%) – reduces light intensity
ND120 OD = 1.2 (T = 6.3%) – for viewing into lamps
NI030 Optical Density = 0.3 (50%) – reduces light intensity
NI060 OD = 0.6 (25%) – reduces light intensity
NI090 OD = 0.9 (12.5%) – reduces light intensity
NI120 OD = 1.2 (6.3%) – for viewing into lamps, furnaces, welding processes, etc
IR Block – Visible Pass
BP550 NIR-UV Block/Visible Pass – 400-700nm … all color applications where filtering is not provided with the camera’s sensor
SP645 Mid-Red/NIR Dichrioc Block – best IR/mid-red block
SP675 Deep Red/NIR Dichrioc Block – best IR/deep red block
SP700 Hot Mirror/NIR Dichroic Block – standard IR block, for use with monochrome cameras
SP705 Deep Red/NIR Block – Alternate Recommendation: SP700 or SP730
SP730 Hot Mirror/NIR Colorless Block – standard IR blocking, for use with color cameras
SP785 IR Dichroic Block (modified)

UV & IR Pass Filters

MidOpt’s machine vision filters increase the contrast of the subject under inspection, improving the ability of the system to distinguish desired characteristics. Increased contrast allows for increased accuracy and speed. Because lighting will change over time and ambient light is everywhere, our filters create the contrast you need and continue to work to control your lighting in the long run.

UV Bandpass
BP250 Broadband UV Bandpass – deep broadband UV imaging
BP324 UV ‘A+B’ Bandpass – mid- to near-UV imaging
BP365 Blacklite/UV ‘A’ Bandpass – UV imaging/UV lighting dichroic filter… NEW – NOW PASSES 395nm
Infrared Narrow Bandpass
BN740 Narrow IR Bandpass 720-770nm
BN785 Narrow IR Bandpass 760-805nm
BN850 Narrow IR Bandpass 825-870nm
Infrared Pass – Visibile Block
LP695 IR Longpass – IR LED’s @ 720nm
LP715 IR Longpass – Alternate recommendation: BP880
LP780 IR Longpass – IR diode lasers @ 810nm
LP830 IR Longpass – general IR +880nm IR LEDs
LP850 IR Longpass – Alternate Recommendation: LP830
LP920 IR Dichroic Longpass – IR LEDs @ 940nm
LP1000 IR Longpass – IR Vidicon/InGaAs cameras
BP695 IR Bandpass – NIR fluorescence
BP735 IR Bandpass – IR LEDs @ 735nm
BP800 IR Bandpass – best choice if thin filter needed over sensor
BP850 IR Bandpass – high-power IR LEDs @ 850nm
BP880 IR Bandpass – IR LEDs @ 880nm
Dual Bandpass
DB850 Dual Bandpass VIS+850 IR – visible 385-650nm +IR 820-880nm
DB940 Dual Bandpass VIS+940 IR- visible 385-650 + 910-970nm

Color Pass Filters

Part Number: Color Bandpass
BP465 Deep Blue Bandpass – Recommended replacement: BP470
BP470 Blue Bandpass – blue LEDs/UV fluorescence
BP500 Green-Blue Bandpass – Recommended replacements: BP525 or SP585
BP505 Cyan Bandpass – for 505nm LED lighting
BP525 Light Green Bandpass – green LEDs/fluorescence
BP530 Green Bandpass – Recommended replacement: BP525
BP535 Green Dichroic Bandpass – Recommended: BP525
BP590 Orange Bandpass – amber/orange LEDs/UV fluorescence
BP635 Light Red Bandpass – high-power red LEDs
BP660 Dark Red Bandpass – darker red LEDs and structured laser diodes
Part Number: Narrow Color Bandpass
BN470 Narrow Blue Bandpass/UV block 450-495nm
BN532 Narrow Green Bandpass 515-560nm
BN595 Narrow Orange Bandpass 570-615nm
BN630 Narrow Light RedBandpass/UV block 610-650nm
BN660 Narrow Dark Red Bandpass/UV block 64
Part Number: Longpass Color
LP470 Light Yellow Longpass – Recommended Replacement: BP505
LP500 Yellow Longpass – blocks most blue and UV wavelengths
LP515 Yellow-Orange Longpass – blocks all blue and UV
LP530 Orange Longpass
LP550 Orange Longpass
LP580 Red-Orange Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP590 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP610 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP635
LP630 Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
LP645 Dark Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
Part Number: Shortpass/Notch Color
LP645 Dark Red Longpass – Recommended: BP660
SP510 Blue Dichroic Shortpass – for sorting gold from silver or plated metal parts
SP570 Blue-Green Dichroic Shortpass – blocks orange to NIR
SP585 Cyan Dichroic Shortpass – blocks red and very near IR
SP625 Blue-Orange Dichroic Shortpass – blocks deep red/NIR
NF550 Magenta Dichroic Shortpass – blocks green while passing blue and red wavelengths
Part Number: White Light Balancing
LA080 Minus Blue – [NR]
LA120 Minus Blue + – removes blue cast from white LED and metal halide lighting
LB080 Minus Red – removes yellow cast from halogen lighting
LB120 Minus Red + – [NR]
FL550 Minus Green – removes green cast from fluourescent