Compact C-mount Lenses

Preferable to many conventional C-Mount lenses for their high vibration stability and light construction, these compact lenses are corrected for the spectral range of 400 – 1000nm on megapixel cameras. High vibration stability for factory environments is one of the requests which is not often fulfilled by conventional C-Mount lenses available on the market because of their light construction. In addition, the lenses need to be small in size and should have a locking mechanism for both iris and focus.

The new megapixel, Compact Series manufactured by Schneider Optics incorporates all these features.

5 Megapixel Compact C-mount Lenses:
Stock Code: Description:
21-1012344 APO-XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT
21-1057564 APO-XENOPLAN 1.8/35MM COMPACT
2/3″ Format (11mm Image Circle) Lenses:
Stock Code: Description:
21-1001955 CINEGON 1.8/4.8MM COMPACT
21-1055691 CINEGON 2.1/6MM COMPACT
21-1001919 CINEGON 1.4/8MM COMPACT
21-1001951 CINEGON 1.4/12MM COMPACT
21-1001957 XENOPLAN 1.4/17MM COMPACT
21-1001917 XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT
21-1001960 XENOPLAN 1.9/35MM COMPACT
21-1014593 TELE-XENAR 2.2/70MM COMPACT
1″ Format (16mm Image Circle) Lenses:
Stock Code: Description:
21-1001978 CINEGON 1.9/10MM COMPACT
21-1001482 CINEGON 1.8/16MM COMPACT
1.3″ Format (22mm Image Circle) Lenses:
Stock Code: Description:
21-1001972 XENOPLAN 2.0/28MM COMPACT
21-1001976 XENOPLAN 2.8/50MM COMPACT
21-1056472 APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/20
21-1071371 APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/24 COMPACT
21-1006219 APO-XENOPLAN 2.0/35 COMPAC