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Fujinon HFX Series Lenses

HFXA Series splash page

The FUJINON HF-XA series are high-performance fixed focal length lenses supporting the 2/3”, 3-megapixel sensor format. The new lenses maintain their sharpness even when wide open under low light conditions and varying target distances. When used under diverse shooting conditions, the lenses maintain edge-to-edge sharpness from the image center to all corners for higher image recognition accuracy. The new seriesRead the Rest…

COAXlink – Coaxpress Frame Grabber


Coaxlink series – CoaXPress Frame grabbers The Coaxlink Quad G3, Coaxlink Quad, Coaxlink Duo and Coaxlink Mono acquire images from the fastest and highest resolution cameras. CoaXPress uses reliable standard coaxial cables with robust push/pull latching system for reliable industrial application. COAXLINK Quad G3 Up to 4 CoaXPress cameras: 25 Gbit/s Four CXP-6 connections Rich set of 20 digital IORead the Rest…

JAI Coaxpress Cameras


The SP-5000 is a high performance industrial video camera able to capture up to 250 full resolution frames per second using a 4-channel CoaXPress digital interface. Other interface options will include 2-channel CoaXPress (209 fps), Mini Camera Link (134 fps), USB3 Vision (72 fps), and 2-channel GigE Vision (44 fps). Note: All specifications, and data sheets for SP-5000M/C-CXP are preliminary!Read the Rest…

Neutral Density, Polarizing, and IR Block


Our filters are designed to work with a wide variety of lighting: monochromatic or white LED, fiber optic, structured diode-generated patterns and other lighting commonly used in machine vision applications. We stock a broad range of filter options designed to quickly and securely mount to the smaller diameter lenses used by CCD and CMOS cameras. Polarizing PR032 Rotating Linear PolarizerRead the Rest…

Basler Ace USB3.0


Enjoy a new class of digital cameras that will help you to be even more successful and efficient at what you do. High quality and performance levels combined with a low starting list price of only €199 and a small 29 mm x 29 mm housing make Basler ace cameras one of the world’s best-selling cameras with thousands of satisfiedRead the Rest…

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